We offer networking solutions to small and medium sized Bay Area businesses

Who we are

Livewire is founded, owned and operated by former Telecommunication Company Professionals.

Livewire was founded on a single premise. We'll just do what's right! After seeing countless situations where local Bay Area businesses received poor service or products or were left feeling dismissed or discounted. We decided to change that!

We believe that your business expects and deserves effortless quality service and that you should not have to be a Telecommunications expert to get the job done.

Since the 1990's we've seen technologies come and go. Networks are getting smarter, faster and more reliable with the need for advanced security. This trend is accelerating as newer, more data-hungry devices are developed and go on-line.

We pride ourselves on adding value to your business network by providing easy to use, feature-rich, equipment from leading manufacturers. Our professional technicians get the job done right the first time, every time.

Whether you need a new network installed or your existing network upgraded or repaired, our solution includes detailed designs engineered to meet your business needs. We provide materials, do the installation, testing and certification and provide reference documentation for your records.

How we work

1Tell us about your project.

2 We schedule a free complimentary
on-site estimate.

3 We complete service or installation. Clean up, label, test, document and welcome you to our family.

3rd party estimate requests will either be billed at our current rate or added to the invoice